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The Biedermeier style was born in Austria in the early 1800s in a rich city for many centuries, cultural and political center of Europe. In this moment of fervor and in this festive atmosphere comes a new way of life marked by refinement, but also the quality of life of all days. Very popular among the middle and upper middle class German and Austrian, all intent on solving the problems of his private life, and not interested in the culture and politics of the moment except to preserve its economic interests and its own domestic intimacy. Some items were taken from classical architecture and even lower in tone from the Empire style. But sobriety and harmony in knowing how to arrange and organize the furniture, and a new home more comfortable and well-off, and at the same time with elegance and refinement are the canons of Biedermeier, which will remain in below as a guide for modern furniture. The decor of the rooms are to indicate, in fact, a taste less rich but more complex styles of Louis XVI and first empire, hence the Biedermeier has resumed, but always of high quality and refined beauty. It will also be taken into account in fitting with the pleasure taste more than the pleasure of mere wealth.

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With a meticulous search and recovery lasted a year, we have brought to light the ancient frescoes and decorations of 700, found throughout the residence. Enter the B & B Santa Caterina D 'Alexandria is a unique experience that takes you into a corner intimate and private, surrounded by HISTORY! Each room is equipped with double glazing, air conditioning, mini bar, private bathroom with shower and hairdryer, bed linen and towels. Upon your arrival you will be given a set of keys to access the Bed and Breakfast and your room at any time and in complete independence.

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