The Versilia has a touristic vocation with a huge golden beach and a lively mundane activities. Here, in fact, there are many nightclubs and discos historical overlook the sea.The most important places of tourist interest are, Viareggio , Forte dei Marmi , Marina di Pietrasanta , Torre del Lago Puccini , Lido di Camaiore .

San Rossore Park
San Rossore is a fraction of Pisa, near which is the famous estate, previously owned directly by the President of the Republic, in addition to this there is an important national racecourse.
The national park is an ideal place for long walks on horseback, on foot or by bicycle, overlooking the sea, with its picturesque dunes.
It 'a place that puts man in harmony with nature.

Ancient Tuscany
In the immediate vicinity of Pisa, with incredible town that has an internal intact medieval town center and visited in its entirety:
- Volterra:
The city, famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, has a major center of Etruscan origin (of this era remains the Gate Arch, beautifully preserved, and the Porta Diana, which keeps the blocks of the jambs, and most the city walls, built with cyclopean blocks of local stone the Acropolis, where there are two temples, various buildings and a few tanks, and numerous tombs used for the burial of the dead), with Roman ruins and medieval buildings such as the Cathedral, the Medici Fortress and Palazzo dei Priori on the square, the nerve center of town.
- Lucca
since 1504 the city was enclosed by its famous walls that were built to defend the city from the expansion Medici.
The walls are interrupted by 11 bastions. Inside the bastion of San Martino you can see the layout of the ancient canons.
There are three original gates of citttą: Porta San Pietro, (1565-1566), Porta Santa Maria (1592-1594) and Old Port San Donato (1590) Finally, the walls were completed later with the doors Elisa and Vittorio Emanuele have a more modern facility.
- San Gimignano
For the medieval architecture of the old town, San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
San Gimignano is especially famous for its medieval towers that still stand out on its landscape, which have earned him the nickname of Manhattan of the Middle Ages. Between the 72 towers and tower-houses, existing in the golden age of the city, today there are sedici.La oldest is the Rognosa tower, which is 51 meters high, while the highest is the Torre del Podesta, also known as Torre Big, of 54 meters. Of great importance from the point of view is the Church of the Collegiate Church, considered one of the finest examples of Tuscan Romanesque.

Tasting Food & Wine

The Tuscany is possibly the Italian region where the culture of wine boasts the most ancient traditions.
The Tuscan wine speaks a noble and ancient, where simple farmers and noble families for centuries have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the vine.
They were the Etruscans, from the eighth century BC, the first to grow vines in this region. They used them as guardians of the vine trees alive and still today in some areas of Tuscany you can see traces of this aerial form of farming. However, with the Roman Empire that Tuscan wines begin to acquire the fame that will not abandon them in later centuries. Today Tuscan wines are known and appreciated throughout the world, as well as the land that produces them.
The main places to visit for a real gastronomic journey are, Montepulciano, Montalcino, the Chianti hill and sunny lands of Maremma


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