La Giustizia (Sala Relax )

Dike for the Greeks and the Romans had to Astrea part in the creation of the legend of the mythical Golden Age
Juvenal (50 AD Roman writer), speaking of this fantastic era, states that men still lived like gods: free from sorrow, free from toil and misery, did not know the age but remained young
intent to banquets and parties. They did not have to work and the goods belonged to all spontaneously. Living the abundant harvest offered by the land and lived in peace.
We tried to revive the atmosphere of the legendary Golden Age.
In the room, in fact, wrapped in a warm atmosphere we offer our guests relaxing moments.



Brief Historical

Inch by inch we inspected the rooms of the Residenza Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, and following in the footsteps of history we have recovered ancient friezes and decorations, dating back to '700. E 'was an intense emotion bring the Justice Room to its former beauty, and after a year of hard and meticulous work we did .... thanks Isabella, Francesca Antonella and the Koine


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With a meticulous search and recovery lasted a year, we have brought to light the ancient frescoes and decorations of 700, found throughout the residence. Enter the B & B Santa Caterina D 'Alexandria is a unique experience that takes you into a corner intimate and private, surrounded by HISTORY! Each room is equipped with double glazing, air conditioning, mini bar, private bathroom with shower and hairdryer, bed linen and towels. Upon your arrival you will be given a set of keys to access the Bed and Breakfast and your room at any time and in complete independence.

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La Danzatrice (Sala Convivium)

La Giustizia (Sala Relax )

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